Deity Connect BP-TRX Transmitter & Receiver

MRP: 25,990.00

BP-TRX Features:

  • Transmit and record simultaneously*
  • Multiple RF Outputs (10mW, 25mW, 50mW, 100mW)
  • Frame-accurate timecode
  • Guard Rail™️ Analog Limiter
  • Lightweight Metal Design
  • Assign User IDs to each BP-TRX
  • 1.3″ OLED display
  • 24bit/48KHz
  • +12Hrs of Battery Life (Up to +25Hrs)
  • Built-in recorder + timecode
  • Compatible with Deity Connect wireless systems
  • Can be used as a transmitter, receiver, or recorder

Deity Connect BP-TRX Transmitter & Receiver


The Ultimate Audio Multi-Tool


The BP-TRX is the next evolution in 2.4GHz digital wireless microphones systems. Using its bi-directional transceiver radio, the BP-TRX can be used as body pack transmitter or as a single channel wireless receiver with special receiver modes to act as a wireless IEM system for directors and producers or as a camera hop.

The BP-TRX features an on-board timecode audio recorder. It can jam to external timecode or generate and output its own. With its ability to transmit and record at the same time, you will never have to worry about missing audio due to wireless interference ever again. The on-board analog limiter also prevents audio from clipping.


A Tool For Everything

The BP-TRX is unique in that it can become a transmitter, a receiver, a timecode-enabled audio recorder, or just a standalone timecode box. The BP-TRX adapts to fill whatever roles you need filled on your film set.

The BP-TRX is akin to a small pocket computer with analog audio I/O, digital I/O, wireless transmission I/O, and timecode I/O. In the TRX Mode menu, you are able to select one of seven different modes that connect these different I/O ports and turn it into the exact tool you need in the moment.


Record +120 Hrs Of Audio

You can record entire days of audio before you have to swap microSD cards.

  • Max Card Size – 128GB
  • Card Type – microSD
  • Card Format – FAT32, exFAT
  • Max File Size – 2GB; automatically keeps recording and creates a new file
  • File Type – 24bit/48KHz Uncompressed PCM WAV File


Guard Rail™️ Analog Limiter

The BP-TRX features an analog limiter to help prevent clipping and distortion. Record clean audio worry-free.


Compact Size

The BP-TRX is about the same size as a deck of cards.


Stay In Sync

When used as a standalone TC box, the BP-TRX will run for over 25 hours. And with its 0.2ppm accuracy, the BP-TRX will only drift 1 frame every 24 hours.


More Versatile Together

Users can pair two BP-TRX units together to create a single-channel wireless microphone system. Remotely control your transmitter’s settings from the connected receiver. Using the record button on the BP-TRX in RX Mode will trigger the internal audio recorder on your actor’s bodypack transmitter.


Multicast Like A Pro

You can pair up to 4 BP-TRX units to a single master BP-TRX. This allows users to turn up to 4 BP-TRXs into Camera Hops, outputting both audio and timecode to a camera. Or users can select IEM Mode, allowing others on set to wirelessly monitor audio. Users can even mix BP-TRX units running IEM or Camera Hop mode.



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