Deity Microphones Connect Timecode Kit

MRP: 45,990.00

Key Features
  • For YouTube, Video & Content Creation
  • Record/Transmit/Receive at 24-Bit/48 kHz
  • 2 x BP-TRX Transceivers with Timecode
  • 2 x Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphones
  • Control Transmitter via Receiver
  • Encrypted 24-Bit / 48 kHz Transmission
  • OLED Screens, Limiters, RF Adjustment
  • Includes Accessories
  • 12 to 25 Hours Rechargeable Battery
  • Expands to 4 Mics at Once/328′ Range

Deity Microphones Connect Timecode Kit


Designed to suit a wide range of content creators ranging from solo YouTubers to small videographer and filmmaker crews, the Deity Connect Timecode Kit is a flexible microphone recorder and wireless system with timecode capabilities for easy audio and video sync. The compact, metal transceiver units also record to microSD cards, allowing each to be used as a standalone pocket audio recorder. When paired together digitally, they form a remote-controllable, camera-mountable wireless microphone system.

The compact BP-TRX units easily clip to talents via belt clips and feature locking 3.5mm input connectors to accommodate the supplied omnidirectional lavalier microphones; foam windscreens and lapel clips are also included. Input gain is adjustable from -12 to +36 dB, while the Guard Rail analog limiter keeps the signal from clipping and distorting if the source gets too loud—letting you place the recorder in the talent’s pocket without worrying about sudden level changes. Audio is recorded at a 24-bit / 48 kHz resolution to a microSD card (available separately) with a maximum capacity up to 128GB.

When the two BP-TRX units are paired, they function as a digital wireless microphone system in the 2.4 GHz spectrum with a range of up to 328′. The receiving unit can be camera-mounted via a 1/4″-20 thread beneath the removable belt clip. To record, connect the locking 3.5mm output to your camera’s 3.5mm input using the included coiled cable. The unit cannot transmit or receive while recording to the microSD card. The transceiver design allows for a wide variety of uses, including IEM and camera-hopping applications, as the unit can pair with up to four BP-TRX receivers at once. What’s more, it enables control over numerous parameters on the transmitter—including input levels, low-cut filter settings, and RF output adjustments—all remotely from the receiver.

The onboard SMPTE timecode generator also outputs to the 3.5mm connector, allowing you to use it as a master clock and jam-sync the other BP-TRX unit or any other devices that support timecode. The unit jam-syncs to incoming code via the same locking 3.5mm input used for the microphone. A timecode sync and audio cable is included that lets you record both signals to an external device.

Power is supplied by a built-in rechargeable battery, allowing the BP-TRX to operate for up to 12 hours when used in transmitter or receiver modes, up to 21 hours in record mode, and up to 25 hours as a timecode-only box. The USB Type-C charging port also functions as a stereo audio interface for Mac and Windows computers. Charging cables and removeable antennas are included.

Two Compact Pocket Audio Recorders with Lav Mics & Input Limiting

  • Each BP-TRX records 24-bit / 48 kHz audio to a microSD with a capacity of up to 128GB (available separately)
  • Two omnidirectional lavalier microphones are included with foam windscreens and lapel clips
  • Sennheiser-standard locking 3.5mm TRS input for compatibility with popular lavalier microphones such as the Sanken COS-11D, DPA CORE Series, Sennheiser ME 2-II, Deity W.Lav Pro, and others
  • Accepts mic- or line-level signals
  • Guard Rail analog limiter reduces clipping and overloads at the input stage
  • Selectable stereo line-level input mode
  • -12 to +36 dB input adjustment
  • Compact size with durable brushed-aluminum housing for durability
  • Removeable belt clip with 1/4″-20 thread underneath for camera mounting when used as receiver
  • Daylight-bright, high-resolution OLED screen shows statuses of all major features and real-time VU metering on the home screen
  • Off / 20 / 200 Hz low-cut filter settings
  • Screen and button lock to avoid accidents

2.4 GHz Digital Wireless System

  • Use as camera-mountable wireless microphone system with a maximum range of 328′
  • Remote control of many transmitter functions from BP-TRX receiver unit
  • Pair with up to four BP-TRX units as receivers for camera-hop or IEM applications
  • Proprietary encryption for secure transmission
  • SMA antenna connector with removeable antenna
  • Auto/manual RF power output adjustment from 10 to 100mW
  • Automatic RF power mode increases battery life by never using more power than the system needs
  • Assignable unique user ID
  • Record function available when wireless operation is impractical

Timecode Input and Output for Video Creators

  • Timecode support makes it easy to sync sound and video
  • Sync multiple devices to the BP-TRX’s timecode generator via the 3.5mm output
  • Jam-sync to incoming timecode via the 3.5mm mic input
  • When recording is done, simply drop the synced audio and video into your editing system for postproduction





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