Deity Connect Interview Kit

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Product Highlights

  • Bag-Ready System for Interviews
  • Dual-Channel True Diversity Receiver
  • Bodypack and Plug-On Transmitters
  • 2 x Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphones
  • Control Transmitters via Receiver
  • 10-Hour Battery Recharges in 1 Hour
  • OLED Daylight Display Screens
  • Encrypted 24-Bit / 48 kHz Transmission
  • Auto/Manual RF Adjustment up to 100mW
  • Limiter, Low-Cut Filter & HF Boost

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Deity Microphones Deity Connect Interview Kit 2-Person Wireless Combo Microphone System (2.4 GHz)


This Deity Connect Interview kit is specialized for shooters who need a flawless interview setup. With 1 HD-TX, 1 body pack transmitter, 1 dual-channel receiveR, 2 lavs, and all the cables and accessories you’ll need, a wireless boom is now in your arsenal. Flexible and effective, this will make your next interview or narrative shoot far less complicated.

We wanted to create a transmitter that would combine several critical tools that we all carry in our sound kits into the ultimate multi-tool. There have been transmitters with recorders built-in, but none have ever allowed you to monitor the recording and files using headphones plugged into the device.

Deity’s Data Safety Checks

We know data loss is a huge deal. That is why we added three safeguards to help prevent you from losing your valuable recorded audio files. The first safeguard we built into the HD-TX a built in battery. This eliminates the fear of sudden power failure from a battery door being opened or the use of mislabeled batteries. Secondly the HD-TX can predict the internal lithium battery’s power depletion curve so it knows when the battery is about to die, automatically saving the current recording before powering down the unit. Lastly we made it so that even if the power button is pressed in the middle of a recording the unit will stop the recording, save the file to the micro SD card, and then power down. Using the HD-TX screen and button lock can prevent even this last type of user error.

On-Board File Management

The HD-TX allows you to playback files, rename them, and delete takes. File names are determined by the USER ID assigned to the HD-TX so if multiple units are being used file management in post production will be easier to keep organized.


  • Twin True Diversity antenna arrays for a quad antenna setup
  • Internal 10hr Lithium battery
  • USB-C rechargeable
  • Dual Isolated Channels
  • Sound Bag / DSLRs friendly ergonomics
  • Weighs about the same as a smartphone
  • Remote controls every audio adjustment on the each transmitter
  • Three Output Modes (XLR, DSLR, and Mono)
  • Separate 1/4″ and 3/8″ mounting points underneath


HD-TX Features

  • Transmitter and recorder built in
  • Multiple RF Outputs (10mW, 25mW, 50mW, 100mW, AUTO)
  • Guard Rail Analog Limiter
  • Boost Audio Frequencies 7KHz – 20Khz
  • Assign User ID’s to each transmitter
  • 1.3″ OLED displays
  • Record 24bit/48kHz WAV files to MicroSD card
  • Both a XLR input and 3.5mm Mic/Line input
  • +48V Phantom Power
  • ~10hrs of battery life at 100mW
  • ~8hrs record time on a 8Gb MicroSD card
  • Headphone jack for live monitoring and listening to playback
  • Firmware updatable



  • Multiple RF Outputs (10mw, 25mw, 50mw, 100mw, AUTO)
  • Guard Rail Limiter
  • 75Hz and 150Hz Low Cut Filters
  • Boost Audio Frequencies 7KHz – 20Khz
  • Assign User ID’s to each transmitter
  • 1″ OLED display
  • Screen and button lock
  • 24bit/48Khz
  • Uses Standard Locking 3.5mm lavaliers


Frequency 2.4Ghz
Audio Input Connectors XLR, Locking 3.5mm TRS
Input Gain Range -12dB~+36dB
Input Frequency Response 20Hz~20KHz
A/D Converter Dynamic Range 92dB
Signal-To-Noise Ratio 93dB
Audio Output Connectors Stereo TRS
Phantom Power 48V via XLR, +3V Plugin Power via TRS
Limiter Analog
Low Cut 75Hz / 150Hz
High Frequency Boost 7kHz-20kHz Boost @ +1dB steps
Mute Switch Yes
Audio Retransmission Modes Low 19ms/ Medium 30ms/ High 40ms
Transmitting Power 10mW/25mW/50mW/100mW/AUTO
Range Up to 100m / +300ft
Antenna Internal
Transmitting Bitrate/Sampling 24bit/48kHz
Recording Bitrate/Sampling 24bit/48kHz
File Sizes 1Hr = ~1Gb
Battery Type Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery
Battery Capacity 2600mAh
Battery Life 10hrs @ 100mW RF Output”}”>>10hrs @ 100mW RF Output
Battery Recharge Time <90 minutes via USB QuickCharge 2.0/3.0
Power Input USB-C (Supports QC 2.0/3.0 and MTK PE quick charge)
Display Type 1.3″ OLED Display
Dimensions 42.5mm*42.5mm*112.3mm
Weight 220g
Operational Temp -10C to +45C



  • 1x HD-TX transmitter recorder
  • 1x BP-TX transmitter
  • 1x DUO-RX Dual Channel Reciever
  • 1x HD-TX belt clip pouch
  • 2x USB-C Cables
  • 1x USB-C to USB-A adapter
  • 2x Lavaliers
  • 1x 3.5mm DSLR Cable
  • 2x XLR Cables
  • 1x Hardcase
  • 1x Warranty Card
  • 1x Manual






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