Aputure NOVA P600c Space light

MRP: 18,590.00

Key Features

  • Omni-Directional Soft Light Diffuser
  • 360° Illumination
  • Adjustable Light Control Skirt
  • Circular Aperture
  • Collapsible Design
  • Includes Carry Bag

Aputure NOVA P600c Space light


The Aputure Space Light Diffuser is designed for the Nova P600c LED Panel and features a cylindrical design, which is achieved by mounting the light into a suspended circular-shaped frame.

This allows the panel to spread light 360° over a wider area, reducing edge shadows, and making it suitable for soft light environments. Offering 360° illumination with an adjustable light control skirt, the inner layer of the light control skirt is slightly reflective, and in combination with the black outer layer, it completely eliminates spill light. A versatile modifier with multiple creative applications, when only one side of the skirt is rolled down, the soft light is given direction.

Aputure NOVA P600c Space light


  • Omni-directional soft light diffuser for the Nova P600c LED Panel
  • Mounts the light fixture into a suspended circular-shaped frame
  • 360° illumination to fill any space
  • Light control skirt to adjust the spread
  • Circular aperture
  • Ideal for studios and lighting grids
  • Collapsible for storage and transport
  • Includes carry bag





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