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Aputure Amaran 100D, 100X, 200D, 200X

Aputure Amaran  The Aputure Amaran four newly announced lights. The Aputure Amaran 100D, 100X, 200D and 200X are all essentially variants of the same light. It comes in 100W and 200W maximum power options, and each of those choices is also available in daylight and bicolour variants. The “D” is the daylight and the “X” are the bicolour, with a range of 2700K to 6500K. Aimed at YouTubers and small space content creators, these lights are compact and lightweight, and run on 48v DC through the use of an AC power adapter (they come with a 3-metre cable). However, that …

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Aputure Amaran

Aputure releases LS 600D Light Storm Daylight Point Light Source

Aputure Releases LS 600D Daylight Point-Source LED      LS 600d The Aputure releases LS 600D  is the latest flagship light in the Aputure Light Storm COB product line. With an immensely bright 600W COB LED output, the 600d is one of the brightest point source LEDs on the market.  With only a 720W Max Power Draw, this light is able to approach the brightness of 1200W HMIs at only a fraction of their total energy consumption, allowing you to power more than one from a single household circuit. In addition, the 600D takes advantage of the lower power consumption …

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Aputure releases LS 600D

Deity Microphones D4 DUO

Deity Microphones D4 DUO   April 21st 2020 – Deity Microphones is excited to announce their first compact micro on-camera microphone, the D4 DUO. Deity Microphones has always pushed the boundaries in what you can achieve with an on-camera microphone and the new D4 DUO is no exception.   deity microphones d4 duo  features dual cardioid microphone capsules to capture the front and rear sound fields around the camera. For the first time ever you can now capture the camera operator directly so they don’t sound muffled or distant when they narrate a scene or ask someone on camera a …

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Aputure Releases LS 300X Bi-Color LED Light Storm

Aputure releases LS 300X, a bi-color Bowens-mount LED compatible with optical lens modifiers   Tiyana Incorporation would like to share the announcement of Aputure’s newest Light Storm LED—the LS 300X. Designed for shooting stills and video, the LS 300X is the first bi-color Bowens-mount lighting fixture that is compatible with optical lens modifiers. Beam Angle: 105° Color Temperature: 2700-6500K CRI: 96, TLCI: 96, CQS: 95 DMX, Bluetooth, 2.4 GHz Wireless Remote 0-100% Dimming, Flicker Free Bowens-S Type Reflector Mount Multi-Voltage AC, Optional Battery Power With a color temperature range of 2700K to 6500K, the Aputure LS 300X can emulate light …

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aputure 300x bi-color led light india
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