Platiro Dual Lens 4 in 1 Clip Lens Wide Angle + Fisheye + Macro + Telephoto

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platiro mobile lenses

Platiro 4 in 1 Clip Lens Wide Angle + Fisheye + Macro + Telephoto – Premium Lens that advance your Phone Photography.

  • Universal For iPhone 8 / iPhone 7/6 / 6s / 5s / 5c / 5 iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 6S / 6 plus, iPhone SE lens kit for dual lens and single lens needs. When using dual screens, you can switch between different lenses by adjusting the focus. When using a single lens, select any lens to shoot. Compatible with Dual & Single Lens Camera Phone
  • 160° fisheye lens: The fisheye lens gives you a more interesting world view. It is perfect for capturing incredible and interesting circular images.
  • 0.65x wide-angle lens: 0.65x wide-angle lens for exploring the magical world of a wider perspective. You can shoot a variety of landscapes such as crowds, buildings, landscapes and more.
  • 10x macro lens: 10x macro lens for close-up lenses, suitable for small objects such as details, insects, flowers, stamps, etc.
  • Portable and compact design: Four types of lenses are combined in one clip to prevent cumbersome tightening and removal during shooting. The 160° fisheye lens brings a fantastic shooting experience. The 0.65x wide-angle lens allows you to take stunning images with a wider-angle lens. The 10x macro lens is suitable for shooting small objects. The 1.5x telephoto lens makes it possible, and you can see the scenery in the distance more clearly.


Platiro 4 in 1 Clip Lens Wide Macro Fisheye Telephoto


Features: 4-in-1 camera clip lens kit
Material: High precision optical glass
Mobile phone camera type : Wide-angle lens
Lens 1: 0.65x wide-angle lens
Lens 2: 10x macro lens
Lens 3: 160 degree fisheye lens
Lens 4: 1.5x telephoto lens



platiro mobile lenses

2 reviews for Platiro Dual Lens 4 in 1 Clip Lens Wide Angle + Fisheye + Macro + Telephoto

  1. Ria mathew

    Nice product. You get 4 different lenses in one product. Cheap pricing. Thank you for such great product

  2. harshit waghmare

    good product, easy to handle all the four type of lense in a single one.

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