Ulanzi OP-10 Osmo Pocket Waterproof Diving Case

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  • 60 meters water resistance, Transparent designing,anti-drop, and pressure, do not block the screen, press the button to take the video and clear pictures.
  • OA-10 not only provides protection for underwater diving but also applies to water surfing as well as protect the machine in harsh environments such as dust, storm, and snow.
  • The diving case can provide 60 meters of depth waterproofing, and the double sophisticated sealing ring can effectively protect the waterproof with the stronger permeability, and the super water pressure resistance guarantees the impermeability.
  • With a new square top design, it can effectively expand the field of view, and the picture will not be deformed during the shooting process.
  • With a new square top design, it can effectively expand the field of view and increase the shooting range as well as take amazing photos with a wide-angle lens.
  • The outer sealing ring is protected by silica gel, which can effectively reduce the impact of the collision, and also makes it easy not to scratch the overhead to ensure a clearer picture.
  • The buttons are seamlessly fitted and the underwater operation is more sensitive.
  • There is a 1/4 screw on the bottom and GoPro interface designing on the back, at the same time it can be connected with extension rod and GoPro device.
  • The anti-fog sheet can be used in the waterproof case to effectively reduce the fog caused by low temperature underwater, and it also can be reused.



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ulanzi india dealer


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