Measy W2H Nano Wireless HDMI Sender Kit with Receiver and Transmitter 30M/100FT

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Measy W2H Nano Wireless HDMI Sender Kit with Receiver and Transmitter 30M/100FT Compatible with 1080P 3D
Measy W2H HD transmission kit transmits any HD videos wirelessly from HDMI ready computer or TV box to HDTV. The transmission process does not compress video contents. As long as the distance between RX and TX is less than 30m, your display will play 1080P lossless images transmitted wirelessly. With a compact body, they are easy to connect to your PC or laptop. With Measy W2H HD transmission kit, you are free from the annoyance of mussy cable and damaged image.

Main Features
● Transmit uncompressed 1080P video to TV wirelessly
Plug and play, no software installation requirement and no setting requirement
30m transmission distance
● 1080P and 3D video pass through
● Support max. 1.485G and TMDS clock up to 148.5MHz

1. It works in the uncongested 60 GHz frequency band. The front of TX and RX is facing, and there is no obstruction between them, then the transmission effect is the best.
2. TX and RX should be matched to use, when you make the TX and RX to restore factory setting, it will complete matching automatically.
3. There’s no software required – all you have to do is plug the transmitter and receiver directly into your device’s HDMI ports and you’re immediately connected.
1. Support HDMI 1.4a version.
2. Support 3D video format.
3. Support HDCP1.4.
4. Support the highest resolution up to 1920×1080/60Hz.
5. Support the highest rate 1.485G and TMDS clock up to 148.5Mhz.
6. Support uncompressed transmission.
7. Working in the 60 GHz frequency band, it is not subject to interference by WiFi signals, microwave radiation, or cordless phones.
8. The longest distance can be 30m when the resolution is 1080p.
9. 5V/1A power adaptor.
Connection and Operation
1. Connect the HD source to the input of the wireless extender TX with 1 hdmi cable.
2. Connect the output of the wireless extender RX to the displays with 1 hdmi cable.
3. Connect 5V/1A power adapter to the TX and RX.
4. Reset button: it’s a reset key for system reset,you can press the button for about 10 seconds to restore factory Settings.
Package include
1. HDMI Transmitter & HDMI Receiver
2. Power adapter
3. User manual
4. USB Cable




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