Hide-a-mic Sticky Tape 3 meter

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Hide-a-mic Sticky Tape 3 meter


  • Hide-a-mic pressure sensitive butyl tape is a great way to mount a lavalier microphone, secure noisy jewelry and other props.
  • Hide-a-mic Sticky Tape is also a great addition to every camera, art or grip and electric kit.
  • It has great adhesive power and doesn’t leave any residu.
  • The big advantage of Hide-a-mic Sticky Tape is that it stored in a small 3 meter black tin can with a screwable lid.
  • The screwable lid will prevent that the tape from falling out.
  • The black tin prevents any unwanted reflections on set.


Hide A Mic

Hide-a-mic microphone concealing solutions. Hide your lavalier microphone quick, discrete and have clear recordings.


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