Hide-A-Mic Sanken COS11 Soft and Flexible clips

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  • With the Hide-a-mic soft and flexible concealer sets you can easily hide a Sanken COS11 microphones under any piece of clothing without scratching or other disturbing sounds for clear recordings.
  • Hide-a-mic concealers stand out because they create a physical space around the microphone that prevents anything from touching the microphone.
  • A set contains 4 different clips with each their own use.
  • You can choose for the Tie-holder, Shirt-holder, T-shirt-holder and Bra-holder.
  • The soft and flexible clips will even absorb more of these unwanted rustle you get if you put microphones away under clothing.


Hide A Mic

Hide-a-mic microphone concealing solutions. Hide your lavalier microphone quick, discrete and have clear recordings.


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