Bubblebee Industries Invisible Lavalier Microphone Tape Mounts

MRP: 3,390.00

• Optimal for use under clothes

• Sticks directly on clothes and skin

• Tape is allergy tested

• Works perfectly with The Piece-A-Fur

• 120 pieces of high quality tape

• Designed in Denmark by sound lovers, for sound lovers


Bubblebee Industries Invisible Lavalier Microphone Tape Mounts


This product is for the individuals who have their own routines on how to mount Lavalier microphones and insist to use the best possible tape on the market. This double-sided tape is exactly the same tape that comes with our Invisible LAV Covers. The only difference is that you do not get any mesh fabric but instead a batch of 120 pieces of our best tape.

The transparent double-sided tape keeps your microphone solid in place on one side and sticks directly to the skin or to clothes on the other side allowing the microphone to be safely and securely mounted almost anywhere.

The tape also has a small piece cut out in the middle of the tape, which is to be saved and used for fixing.

The tape must be replaced after each use.
Since the Invisible Lav Tape package comes with 120 pieces of tape, you will be able to do 120 mounts per pack.

Try matching up the Invisible Lav Tapes with our Piece-A-Fur and experience a perfect working combo.

Each piece of tape measures 2.2 cm x 2.2 cm (0.86” x 0.86”).

Weight: 20g (incl. packaging)

Item code:   BBI-ILT-120



Bubblebee Industries

Bubblebee Industries is Making Sound Sound Better by creating the world’s best microphone wind protection and other innovative sound accessories for sound professionals and prosumers.


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